Sound Healing

Thursday evenings from 7 – 8:30 pm.

Effie Boudreaux

I Am Sound. You are Sound. We are All Energy so we are vibrating which creates a Sound.

I Am taught by what I see and experience in Nature. I Am trained in the Lineage of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on Sound and Planetary Gongs by Sotantar Suraj. I have had the Honor of playing with Don Conreaux & his Mysterious Tremendum Sacred Tone Ensemble. I have also had the honor of playing in many 12 hour Planetary Gong Concerts at the Integratron in Landers, CA.

I Am fascinated by Ancient Sacred Writings and Healing Techniques. I believe Water is Life and organize a Water Ceremony every month on the 11th in coordination with Dr. Emoto’s Global Peace Meditation. I practice Kundalini Yoga because I love it and it works for me.

I Am a Co-Founder of a Healing Center in Shelter Cove called MahaMudra where we do individual and group Sound & Plant Alchemy for optimal Health. We also teach Meditation Techniques.

I Am Honored to Be near the Ocean and the Redwoods in Shelter Cove surrounded by Nature and my precious Family. If I Am not in the Cove you could probably find me in the desert near Joshua Tree or in New Orleans with the rest of my precious Family.

What is a Sound Bath…

Just as we each have a unique thumb print, we each also have a unique optimal vibration that creates a unique sound. We can call this our Signature Sound. It is the feeling of Harmony inside and outside of us. It is the feeling of our Soul.

Life stresses can cause us to stray from our Signature Sound. A Sound Bath can help in the process of restoring your Self to your Signature Sound. The Sound Bath allows your Mind to relax so you can experience what it feels like to just Be…while your Body heals and reorganizes on a cellular level back to your Signature Sound.

sound healing Sound Healing Effie Boudreaux

Effie Boudreaux

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Effie Boudreaux