Shelter Cove surfing is diverse and a blast. As the cove is crescent-shaped, it can be triple-overhead off Point Delgada but chest-high near the boat ramp.

Deadman’s is the most popular surf spot in Shelter Cove; the wave is a bit like Lower Trestles. Third Reef lies smack-dab between Deadman’s and No Pass, requiring a larger swell and a low tide to work properly. Long rights and lefts, with the rights usually being a tad slower than the left. Just south of that is No Pass, an excellent lefthander peeling along a horseshoe reef, providing smackable lips and some unreal speed sections. You won’t be disappointed.

Further south, requiring a brief paddle around Point No Pass and a walk down the beach, is the celebrated Gale Point, a rocky righthand pointbreak of much repute. Long, fast walls and sweet tube sections with the correct swell angle. Northwest pulses up to double-overhead with a high tide work best here. Head back to the Inn of the Lost Coast to relax after a day in the water. Check out our blog for more fun Shelter Cove activities

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