Just minutes from the Inn of the Lost Coast, over 80 miles of trails span from beach to mountain peak and from dark forests to golden prairies. Trails from the King Range Crest to the beach include 2,000–3,500-foot elevation changes.

Hiking on the lost coast is the first thing that the free spirit wants to do. The coast to the north of Shelter Cove provides a great place to hike, as a day trip or a more prolonged endeavor. Parallel to this stretch of beach known by the locals as “Big Black Sands Beach” are mostly public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Make sure you check out our California Lost Coast Blog for more fun things to do in Shelter Cove.

The Black Sands Beach may be difficult to walk on at times since it is composed of round sand and each step sinks in at the heel giving a weighed step. But by slowing the pace and/or taking advantage of trails that lift you up onto the bluffs you can make time and preserve energy. There are trails that take off from the beach and lead you along the creeks and streams or up into the mountains and back into the wild public lands that surround Shelter Cove. Be sure to book your room at The Inn of the Lost Coast to make your hiking vacation more memorable.

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