The Inn of the Lost Coast is an amazing place to stay for seasonal whale watchers who are looking for a little luxury, and the perfect location for seeing grey, humped-back, and killer whales, especially from the balcony of one of their deluxe suites.

Shelter Cove’s natural resources and generous food supply make this portion of northern California’s coastline a one to two-week critical stopping location for the grey whales during their migration and birthing periods.

Whale watching in Shelter Cove peaks in April and May during the grey whale’s migration down the Pacific Coast to warmer waters. It’s not uncommon for whale watchers to see the females giving birth and to report back seeing newborn calfs swimming alongside their mothers.

The migrating male whales follow the females and their offspring at a more leisurely pace on their Mexican waters bound trip to warmer waters, allowing guests of the Inn of the Lost Coast an extended whale-watching season. If you have a little hike in you, you can walk down to the rocks and many times you will find the whales right there. If you are a guest of the Inn of the Lost Coast, you can request some very nice high-powered, complimentary binoculars when checking in during the season and experience the whales from each of the 18 balcony rooms.

While grey whales are the main attraction at Shelter Cove, occasionally humped-back or killer whales are spotted as well. View our blog for more Shelter Cove must-do activities.

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